When there are so many choices on the market, it can often be difficult to decide what the best EV charger for your home is. With every manufacturer declaring that “they’re the best” it’s not that easy to find the facts.

    At CW Electrical we’ve had experience installing the majority of car chargers on the market, including the good, the bad, and the down right ugly.

    So to try and guide you through the murky waters of EV chargers we’ve put together a short post on the best car chargers for your home (from the eyes of an Electrician). See below, in no particular order, our recommended chargers for your home.

    MyEnergi Zappi REVIEW

    The Eco-Smart UK made option.

    The charger we install most. Four charging modes to integrate solar, battery storage and other renewables makes this a charger of the future.




    Ease Of USE

    Overall Score


    • Made and designed in the UK.
    • Charge through your Solar PV system.
    • The selection of MyEnergi products work seamlessly together.
    • No need for an earth-rod when installed.
    • Great customer & installer support.
    • Approved under the grant scheme (£350 off)


    • The app feels a bit dated.
    • Requires a separate hub for app/smart features.
    • Quite a large unit.

    The MyEnergi Zappi is definitely one of the most feature rich car chargers on the market and set up for any possible future green integrations. Including four charging modes which vary the amount of “green energy” being used to charge the vehicle.

    With a zero-emission vehicle, it only makes sense to have the option to charge it through purely renewable energy. MyEnergi have really pushed this ethos. The features and integrations to fully adopt a “green home” have been put at your fingertips with the Zappi and their other products.

    The built in screen on the unit allows access to the menus which offers the ability to put a 4-digit pin code on the unit to stop someone pulling up and getting a free charge! Inside the menus you can access data from charging sessions. It also offers active load management through CT clamps.

    When installed alongside the smart “hub” (this is a requirement if the installation is receiving the grant), all the data previously accessible through the unit is now displayed through the app. In the app you can set charging schedules and see where your energy is being produced and consumed.

    With the options of a black or a white surround, the Zappi never looks out of place. Being one of the larger units on the market, it is difficult to miss, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    The unit is made out of plastic, however the build quality is extremely good. We’ve installed many and have rarely had any issues, and on such occasions, MyEnergi go above and beyond to rectify any problems.

    The ‘flap’ on the untethered models is often prone to being “over opened” when being heavy handed and then never quite fully closing again, but nothing major.

    Despite at first glance there being many options which can seem overwhelming, they all have their uses and cater for all customers.

    From a simply plug and play requirement, to the ability to charge from excess solar generation, the Zappi and MyEnergi app definately do a good job in making things easy.

    The hard stuff we do for you, and hand-over a fully comissioned charging unit ready to get your car on the road.

    To summarise, I have one installed at my home, a recommendation if ever there was one. But in a world where we’re heading to a greener future, the ability to integrate renewable energy into your EV charging seems a no-brainer.

    It’s not the cheapest option on the market, but for a pound-to-pound value, I think it’s really good value. With many features, and a quality warranty, it really is a case of you get what you pay for.

    A few cosmetic updates to the app wouldn’t go amiss but with most car manufacturers offering there own app it’s not the biggest issue.

    We’re big fans at CW Electrical.

    EO Mini Pro 2 REview

    The Apple of Car Chargers.

    Sleek, simple and unobtrusive.




    Ease Of USE

    Overall Score


    • New EO Mini Pro 2 app is much improved
    • One of the best looking chargers on the market
    • Available in 4 Colours
    • Approved under the grant scheme (£350 off)


    • Pairing the unit with the app requires some patience
    • Tethered version ruins the aesthetic
    • Requires an earth-rod or additional O:PEN device to avoid the installation of a rod
    EO have created a beautiful car charger that blends in with any home. Boasting itself as “The Worlds Smallest Smart Electric Car Charger”, the question is, is it all looks?

    As seen with the majority of manufactorers, EO offer the features of Solar Charging and Power Balancing through the installation of addition CT clamps.

    The Mini Pro 2 doesn’t come with a locking feature such as a pin code or RFID access. There is a work around with that you can only allow charging during certain when you set up scheduling.

    The lack of an internal O:PEN device is a shame, and requires either an earth rod or an external earthing device, EO recommend the GARO earthing device. This is installed alongside your consumer unit. However, for some installations there is not always room for this additional unit.

    Feature wise, it offers the basics, and it does them well. However, EO haven’t pushed any boundries with the Mini Pro 2.

    The looks are the main selling point for the Mini Pro 2, and we always walk away from our installations impressed with how they look on a property.

    I often describe them to a customer as “the apple of Car Chargers”. They’re sleek, easy to use, and they ‘just work’.

    They come with four colour options, White, Black, Grey, and… Blue. No idea why blue is the fourth colour, and we are yet to install one so I can’t comment how it looks.

    Personally, they look best in the untethered model. Why choose the smallest car charger to then have a 6 meter lead ‘dangling’ about.


    For a user, they are a breeze. Really the definition of ‘plug and play’. With no on-board screen you need to become accustomed to a small RGB LED telling you what the status of the unit is, but really it’s only ever charging, or not.

    The previous version of the Mini Pro had one of the least enjoyable app experiences on the market, however this has been greatly improved with the updated Mini Pro 2. It looks sleek with minimilistic pages giving you the information you need, making it easy to schedule, charge, and pause sessions.

    We’ve only scored it 50 out of 100 as once it’s comissioned its amazing. However, to get to that stage is a slightly arduous process. Firstly, it only talks on a 2.4gHz network with some routers this is a really easy issue to sort out. However, we’ve often spent longer sorting network issues out than the time spent installing the unit. Once network issues have been sorted, what follows is a period of the Mini Pro broadcasting it’s own network, syncing with your router, and eventually (fingers crossed) reaching the success page.

    To summarise, for an EV driver, with the beautiful electric cars on the market, it’s refreshing to see this design-driven charger on the market.

    For customers that want a “plug and play” unit that offers the basic features but does the job, then you can’t go far wrong with the Mini Pro 2.

    Comissioning problems aside, the app is sleek and modern and tells you everything you’ll need.

    We’re getting more and more enquiries for these Mini Pro’s, and we can see why.

    If you are interested in installing an EV Charger at your home then get in touch to see how we can help you. Contact us on 01454 619542 or fill in the form – Click Here