If you work in an office, chances are you have noticed some signs that tell you it might be time for electrical upgrades. You may notice people working on laptops with extension leads plugged into the wall or power outlets not being available where needed. Or as the winter months come in and the office is bleak with insufficient lighting. In this post, we talk about some of the most common electrical upgrades that can really boost productivity in the workplace.

    Insufficient Lighting

    If your office is not well lit, it might be time to upgrade with more powerful lighting. This will enable you to work at a desk or table with ease without straining the eyes too much. The installation of LED lights is especially useful in this instance as they emit less heat and use up less power than other types of bulbs do.

    Lighting should be tailored to each individual workplace. If employees are working in a warehouse or factory environment, lighting should be bright enough to allow them to carry out work duties without bumping into things.

    For office workers, the standard is usually around 500 lux which allows people to comfortably read documents and other printed materials throughout their day. With lighting in office environments, light fittings that minimise glare must be installed.

    Tired looking electrical accessories

    If the office is starting to resemble a scene out of “The Office” it might be time for a spruce up. Nothing is more unappealing than yellowing electrical outlets and a cost-effective way to modernise the workplace is by simply swapping out these accessories for new ones. Many types of outlets are available from basic white to a rusted metal effect.

    Too many extension leads

    A common sight in many offices that are trying to make use of their space. Extension cords running across floors present a trip hazard and they also create an unprofessional look that will put off potential clients or customers.

    These extension leads are often left on the floor and are easily damaged in a busy workplace.

    Outlets not where they are needed

    As your businesses needs and workflows change, the location of power and data outlets will need to change. If your office layout has not been updated in a while, you may find that certain areas such as under desks or by doors do not have access to these necessary resources.

    This can be highly inconvenient for employees who are constantly having to unplug their equipment when they move between different tasks which accumulate to a huge amount of wasted time which could be better spent.

    Not being up to date with the latest regulations

    Could you be liable if something goes wrong? It’s amazing the number of workplaces we attend that do not have satisfactory emergency lighting. In the event of a power outage, a clearly defined path needs to be illuminated where employees can escape.

    Without this, the chances of someone hurting themselves are greatly increased so it is always good practice to do everything you can to ensure safety.

    We’ve written up a previous comprehensive blog post on emergency lighting which should give you all the information you need

    To summarise, with a small investment in your office space, you can boost productivity and create a much better atmosphere to work in. It is often good to get ahead of the game and plan for the future, especially when it comes to something as important as workplace safety.