Hypervolt Electric Vehicle Charger Review

    Bursting through the doors is a new favourite at the CW Electrical headquarters. A certain rival to the Zappi is the Hypervolt Home 2.0. Feedback from the many customers we’ve installed these for has been overwhelmingly positive and my experience as an installer echoes this.

    A tethered charger with that can be specified with a 5 meter, 7 meter or 10 meter lead, in three colour options of White, Black or ‘Space Grey’ (… incoming lawsuit from Apple? 👀)

    And hooray, an EV Charger with an app that doesn’t require a computer engineering degree to understand or set-up.

    Carry on reading below as we go take a deep dive into the Hypervolt and give your our review.

    What’s in the box?

      • Hypervolt Home 2.0 Charger (32 amps 7.2kw)
      • Tethered Lead Holster
      • CT Clamp
    Hypervolt in packaging
    Hypervolt Unboxing

    (Note, packaging has now been improved since these images were taken)

    It’s been really nice being able to recommend a charger to a customer without them getting the surprise of any ‘Optional Extras’ or ‘Add-ons’. Everything needed for a fully comprehensive EV installation is in the box. We later go into the benefits of these included extras.

    One remark we had prior was the lack of mounting template to quickly mark up and fix the Hypervolt to the wall. We did get supplied with a fancy metal mounting plate but Chris (the boss) carries this around so we used to struggle. Thankfully the packaging has now drastically improved and includes a cardboard template! (It’s the little things in life!)

    “Where’s the instruction book?” I hear you ask. I guess in the mindset of going green and saving the planet, this allows manufacturers to stick everything online. All your questions should be answered here – https://support.hypervolt.co.uk . If you still need answers, their support line is great and thankfully I’ve yet to sit in a 20 minute queue for someone to pick up.


    In short, It’s really simple. It has integral 6ma DC RCD that detect fault current but unlike the Zappi, it does require that the supply has double pole A Type 30ma RCD protection. 

    Hypervolt EV charger marking fixing holes

    Personally, as weird as it sounds, I prefer this rather than having the AC RCD protection integrated inside the unit. As with all things, faults can occur and it is much easier, cheaper and quicker to replace the RCD/RCBO externally rather than waiting for spares to be sent out and changing the internal components. Also, if to comply with the wiring regulations, the supply cable needs RCD protection, you haven’t got to worry about discrimination (or selectivity) of the up-stream devices as it is all provided at the supply.

    Right, boring bit over, once mounted to the wall, the unit has ample space to gland and terminate your cable. The screw terminals must be installed to the correct torque rating and they appear to be made well. 

    Hypervolt EV charger CT Clamp
    Hypervolt EV charger on wall

    The CT Clamp terminations and current selection switch require a dainty and nimble approach. On first look, it is easy to miss, but with a keen eye and a patient approach the job can be done. On their installers support page it informs what the rotary selection switch corresponds to for the incoming supply for the load management to work.

    Once both data cable and power cable are terminated, our work here is done… well almost. You just have to clip the Hypervolt logo LED cover on, and remember to connect the LED ribbon (very easy to forget this part… I speak from experience). Once done, place on the outer shell and all is done.

    Hypervolt EV charger with holster


    An easy installation is great, but what does it actually do? Well… quite a lot.

    Load Management

    Most manufactures offer the Load Management as an optional extra – apart from the MyEnergi Zappi which also include this out of the box. I personally stand by that all EV Chargers should require this to be installed.

    In a world where our dependancy on electric is only increasing and our consumption and demands head in one direction, there is only so much supply capacity to each property and load management removes the worry of every exceeding the supply coming into the property. 

    In simple terms, let’s say your property has a supply coming in of 80 amps. Everyone has finished work for the day and tea is in the electric oven, someone is in the electric shower, your electric heating has started to warm the house, quickly the usage in the property can reach 60 amps. Then you go to plug in your car to charge, in theory, the demand has now increased to 92 amps (60 amps plus 32 amps to charge your car). To make sure there is no risk of exceeding the supply coming in, the Hypervolt will decrease the charge to your vehicle; in this scenario, it will provide 20 amps to the car (60 amps + 20 amps = 80 amps 🥳)

    “An unlikely scenario” I hear you say. “I only charge my car whilst I’m asleep” you mutter. Yes I agree, but for peace of mind, I’d still rather have it than not.

    Will it work with my car?

    Yes. Well unless you don’t have an electric vehicle… then no. With the ability to be specified with a Type 2 or Type 1 charging lead it will work with all Electric Vehicles. 

    Solar Charging

    Following a similar story of the Zappi comparisons, the Hypervolt can charge via your solar. This is done via the same CT clamp which provides the load management.

    Colour Choices

    As previously mentioned, with three colour choices and a sleek design, it is one of the best looking chargers on the market. Albeit, not quite as good looking as the Anderson, but then again with great beauty comes great cost.

    Alexa Integration

    For all you smart home enthusiasts, the Hypervolt is able to integrate with Alexa right out of the box.

    Fancy Lights!

    As an electrician, I must admit I get easily pleased by lights. The Hypervolt comes with a LED perimeter and a LED thunderbolt/logo on the front. These lights show the status of the charger, such as charging, scheduled charge, locked… and my personal favourite, party mode! For those of you less enamoured by party mode and LED nights, you will find comfort in knowing that they can be dimmed.


    The App

    It’s really great to handover to a customer after an installation and just know using the charger will be issue free. Set-up is painless and fast and using the app is mostly self-explanatory with a really well designed and thought out user interface. 

    As with most smart chargers, you are able to lock the charger to stop your neighbours charging their vehicle whilst you’re at work. 

    With regards to making the most of your agile EV electricity tariffs such as Octopus; setting up scheduled charging is really easy and the app will walk you through everything. You can then get reports based on kWh consumption and it will give you costings for this in pounds and pence if you can’t quite work out the kWh readings.

    Hypervolt EV Charger App

    How much does it cost?

    Right, as you might have guessed, the Hypervolt isn’t the cheapest offering on the market. But, when you weigh up the included CT clamp, tethered lead and holster, I think it is very fairly priced (coming in at cheaper than the similar Zappi).

    We dislike using the ‘Standard Installation’ cost method you see online. Where, to be honest, only a handful of installations ever meet the criteria. We’d rather be upfront and provide a fixed price quotation (free of charge). 

    If you’d like to find out more or get a quote for a Hypervolt Home 2.0 Installation, then get in touch at 01454 619 542 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you- click here. 

    The Final Scores

    This is our first in our comprehensive deep-dive reviews of EV Chargers, and we couldn’t have kicked off the series in better fashion than talking about the Hypervolt. This is not a sponsored post and is completely non-incentivised, we just really rate them as an EV Charger. 

    The support team are great, the chargers are great and the app is great. What’s not to love. 

    If you’re in the market for an EV charger then I can honestly say, this is what I would have in my property. And after having installed countless different chargers, that is saying something. 

    So, to give it a number, I’d rate the Hypervolt Home 2.0 a strong 9/10. 

    As mentioned before, if you need a quote for the Hypervolt in Bristol, Bath and beyond then get in touch to see how we can help.

    Hypervolt EV Charger App