Does my House Need Rewiring?

    CW Electrical’s Rewiring Guide

    • How do I know if my house needs rewiring?
    • What will happen if I don’t rewire my house?
    • Is it expensive to rewire my house?
    • Does my house need rewiring every 10 years?

    These are all questions we are regularly asked at C W Electrical (Bristol) Ltd, and as a Customer it’s not always easy to know when and if you really do need a rewire!

    Hopefully we can help answer your questions.

    There are no laws that state when a Property must be rewired, just because you live in an old Property with old wiring doesn’t necessarily mean that your Property requires a rewire. We always recommend a Domestic Electrical Condition Report being carried out.

    Some simple signs that your Property may require work are:

    • Have your Lights started to flicker or have they stopped working completely?
    • Recently received water damage to your Property?
    • Undertaking an Extension or moving house and want to ensure all wiring is safe?
    • Smell of Burning (Heat)

    A great benefit with undertaking a rewire is that it allows you to integrate your electrics with your lifestyle.  Our Designers will work with you to combine design and functionality which allows you to get the most out of your home.

    We are also able to install and operate Home Automation packages, please call the Office to find out more.

    What can I do to Prepare my Home for a Rewire?

    Whilst our team of Engineers work extremely neat and tidy and try to keep mess to a minimum, there will always be dust which is disturbed when we’re working. We advise Homeowners to clear away precious and delicate belongings. For a small fee boxes and storage solutions can be provided if you require.

    We always advise to have a clear design in mind and to have researched options thoroughly before our arrival. By the time of the actual rewire, all designs and costings should have been agreed in writing, and a Specification drawn up for our Electricians to work from. Homeowners find costs can escalate if changes are made whilst the rewire is underway.

    What Happens during the Rewire?

    A team of two or three Engineers would complete a typical full Domestic Electric Rewire within 5 days. We will start from the top of your house and work our way down. It is a messy and somewhat stressful week for all involved, but we will keep you informed at all stages, and try to minimise the disruption it can cause.

    I think I want a Rewire, what now?

    If you think that your Property could benefit from a rewire or an Electrical Installation Condition Report then use the ‘Free Quote’ Form on our Website, or give us a call to arrange a free Quote. One of the Directors of CW Electrical will pay you a visit to assess the scope of the Project and discuss the best and most cost effective Plan.

    We have comprehensive knowledge on Electrical Fixings and Accessories and will be able to show you examples and brochures of Products that could be of interest. If you already have ideas on what Fixings and Accessories you want to use then we can incorporate this into the Plan.

    We will then email over a fully detailed and itemised Quotation which details all Fixings and Accessories to be used. If you agree to move forward with the works then our Office Staff can book you in for the most convenient time for you.

    From there, you will be in the hands of our capable Engineers who will make sure your experience is as stress-free as possible.

    Day 5 –  What Now?

    If everything’s gone according to plan, and there have been no last minute additions etc. our Engineers will have walked through your new Installation and explained your new Fuse Board and how it all works.

    Despite our best cleaning efforts, some dust can take a few days to settle. So some surfaces may still gather dust even after our departure.

    Upon completion you will have the appropriate Certification for the work and as always, work carried out by CW Electrical (Bristol) Ltd. comes with a 12 month Guarantee along with the Insurance backed Warranty that Trustmark offer.