Converting to LED lights

    What you need to know

    With cost and environmental benefits, we find more Customers are converting to LED lights (Light-Emitting Diodes) Lights. LED Lights are no longer the complicated and expensive lighting solution that people are wary of. Now LED Lights can vary from a simple as a Light Bulb you can swap around, or as futuristic as colour changing, dimmable features that can be controlled by your Smart Phone.

    Despite the positives, some Customers are still asking questions…

    “Aren’t LED lights expensive?”

    The simple answer is not any more. The years of a £30 bulb which had a lifespan shorter than that of a loaf of bread are gone, and now we can easily purchase cost effective and long lasting alternatives.

    “Can I save money switching to LED?”

    One of the best financial savings you can make to your household bills is switching to LED. All the staff at C W Electrical have made the switch and, on average, find that they recuperate the money invested into the LED Bulbs within around 6 months.

    LED Lights are 10 times more effective at transferring energy to light. This means the Bulb in your kitchen which requires 60 watts to power will only require 6 watts with an LED alternative.

    To put that into a real example, a retired couple with 10 Lights in their house, powered by traditional 60 watt filament Light Bulbs use 0.6 kilowatts an hour. Southern Electric is currently charging 15.14p per kWh, meaning that this couple pay 90p a day to light their home. (Based on their Lights being on for 10 hours a day)

    Converting to LED, which uses one tenth of the power, means that this couple would now pay 9p a day using LED to light their home.

    The number one selling LED Light Bulb on Amazon costs £5.99, multiplied by 10 Lights in this particular house means that the original investment would total £59.99. Using this example, it would take less than 3 months to recoup the initial cost.

    Over a year, your savings for using LED Lights could be over £250!

    “Can LED lights produce a warm glow?”

    People appreciate a warm glow in their home, and understandably no one wants their Kitchen to be illuminated like Ashton Gate on a Tuesday night!

    As technology has improved, the spectrum of colours available for LED Lights varies from Ice White, to a warm flickering candle. Depending on the effect you would like to achieve, our Electricians are qualified to give you advice on the best colour temperature for you.

    “Will it be a lot of work to change my lights to LED?”

    No. Depending on your existing Fittings, changing your Bulbs to LED is as simple as unscrewing your old Bulb and screwing your new LED Light Bulb back in.

    “Can I Dim my LED Light?”

    Yes. As long as you purchase an LED Bulb that is advertised as dimmable then you can simply swap it with your existing dimmable filament Bulb.

    “What about converting to LED lights at my Business?”

    Along with the cost savings talked about before, LED has huge design benefits. CW Electrical has installed LED Strip Lighting and Bulbs across various Projects which have contributed to creating a completely different working environment.

    Commercial Buildings benefit from a source of Light which is not always visible to the Customer’s eye. Installations include colour changing Stairwells, dimmable Lighting surrounding a Reception Desk, and mood lighting in a modern Bar. The possibilities are endless.

    Give us a call if you would like to find out more about the benefits of making the switch to LED Lighting at home or for your business