Is your Home/Business Premises totally secure?

    As a Texacom Registered Installer, we can design and install a Security System to protect your Premises/Home, with the installation of a combination of Door Contacts, and Passive Infra-Red Detectors, together with Shock/Motion Sensors to suit. These come in a wide variety ranging Quad Element to Dual Element; either Wall or Ceiling mounted.

    If required Optical smoke and Heat Fuse Detectors can be included within the System for that additional protection.

    Our Systems are discreet and if it’s impractical to run cables, an option of a Wireless System can be considered.

    Pet Friendly devices are also available, so need to worry about your pets setting the Alarm off whilst you’re out of the house.

    The Systems are easy to operate, with the use of Keypads in L.E.D or L.C.D Styles and a wide choice of finishes.

    If necessary, we can also install Panic Attack Buttons, for that extra ‘peace of mind’ and, if required, the System can be connected to an Auto Dialler which, in the event of an Alarm activation, should you be away from the Premises, would alert a pre-registered number on the System. This would avoid the additional expense of annual contracting/service fees with Monitoring Stations.

    We are also involved with external security, whereby we can install Laser Beams to protect large outdoor areas/driveways etc. or Lighting and CCTV.

    Whatever you’re Security needs, as an N.I.C.E.I.C Approved Installer, it is worth giving us a call and discussing your requirements.