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Providing advice, knowledge and quality installations for Solar PV systems in Bristol & the South West.

Experts in home Solar PV systems

A local Electrical Contractors that specialise in the installation of Domestic Solar PV & Battery storage systems. We have experience with standard on-roof systems or larger more complex designs.

Quality Workmanship

We’re proud of our reputation for providing a high-quality service at a competitive price, and we always work to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied  with the work we’ve done.

Professional Service

Our company prides itself on our punctuality, communication, and professionalism in the workplace. With clean uniforms and vehicles, DBS checked staff and no swearing/smoking policies.

Family Ran

Three generations and thirty years of experience throughout Bristol. We’ve seen most of what the South West has to offer and can provide a service we’re proud to put our name towards.

NICEIC & MCS Approved

We are an NICEIC Approved & MCS Certified installers. Allowing you to claim via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) for any exported solar back to the grid.

Our popular Solar PV systems

Solar PV Installations are VAT free and the prices below reflect this.

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We’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible. 

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Firstly, get in contact with us via our contact us page, or by calling the office on 01454 619 542. We will initially take some details before one of our electricians will be in contact.

initial design

Following our engineers call, and obtaining further information, we will provide some initial designs, costings and various systems, including just solar, or solar and battery.

on-site survey

If our initial design is of interest then we will visit your property. On this visit we will take thorough measurements, inspect the proposed location of the solar panels and carry out a structural and shade survey.


Once we've had approval and materials have arrived, our electricians will arrive on the agreed install date. Our friendly team will carry out the installation to our high standards and fully walk you through your new solar pv system!

Complete Solar, Battery & EV Charger Installations

With electricity costs rising at rates previously unheard of it has never been more financially viable to begin self-generating your electricity.

Even with small solar systems and arrays, the benefits of generating ‘free’ electricity can be immediately seen. A typical home PV system can generate around 40% of the electricity a household consumes in a year.

With conscious usage, your self consumption numbers can also be increased. If you can begin to time your electrical appliances, such as your washing machine, dishwasher and tumble-dryer, to run throughout the daytime whilst the sun is shining, then your imported electricity will drastically decrease.

Even if you don’t have any washing to do, any excess solar power that is generated that you do not consume can be sold back to the grid!

Previously, with the costs of batteries, and the lower electricity price, it didn’t always make sense to invest in a Battery Storage system. However, the tides have changed.

The benefits of having battery storage will allow you to increase your self-consumption of your solar generation. This will allow you to store your unused solar generation during times of low electrical demand (during the day whilst you are at work and children are at school). You can then draw from the batteries during the high-demand times and use your own self-generated electricity rather than importing from the grid.

We have on average seen the self-consumption numbers go from around 35/40% to 75/80%, further reducing your energy bills. Our proposals will detail the difference in ‘buy-back’ times for standalone PV system VS a PV and battery system.

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You can really start driving on green electricity!

We install EV Chargers that allow you to divert your excess solar generation to begin charging your Electric Vehicle! Such chargers as the MyEnergi Zappi and the Hypervolt will notice when you begin to export your solar generation, and in turn divert that to your electric vehicle. 

This is great when you are parked up at home during the day whilst electricity rates are high as you can fill up for free!

Similar to the EV Chargers, we are able to install immersion diverters which work by diverting any excess solar generation to your immersion heater!

The principles are the same as battery storage, but instead of storing electricity, you are storing hot water. 

They have a really quick return on investment, and can be installed at a later date should you want any additions to your solar setup!

Approved installers of
SolarEdge Solis Fronius Huawei Soltaro GivEnergy Sonnen

We have our favourites and our recommendations but we are open to the whole of the market. 

Our Feedback
Frequently Asked Questions

Find some FAQ’s we’ve answered. Should you have further questions we will be more than happy to answer them.

Sadly not, but don’t panic! During the Spring Statement 2022, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that installations will be VAT free for Solar PV systems.

In theory, providing a 20% reduction!

The previous VAT was charged at 5% for Solar installations, so this latest update provides a further 5% VAT deduction.

Personally, we think it is incredible that the government have not implemented any further grants considering the constant reminder to be greener! 

You’ve probably heard that you need a South facing roof, and yes, this is ideal – but don’t fret if not. Losses are only minimal when facing between East and West, and even North facing systems are possible.

The optimum angle for solar irradiance would be at a 35 degree inclination, pointing due South. If the system faces completely West or East, then you find the system to be 25% less efficient. A South West or South East facing roof is only 5% less efficient from a completely South facing roof.

Even a completely North facing roof is only 45% less efficient. And even in these cases you can just increase the amount of panels installed to increase your energy generated!

Not all roofs are made equal! And a large array of panels can begin to weigh a lot. For this reason we will carry out a roof structural survey to ensure that the roof is in a good enough condition for us to safety install the panels.

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