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Maximise your Solar PV consumption with a Battery Storage system

Installers of complete solar & battery packages, retrofit battery installations or stand alone battery systems.

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Use more of your self-generation with a battery storage system in your home. With rising energy prices, the ROI has never been better.

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We are an NICEIC Approved Contractor, and will ensure that the Company complies with all national safety standards, including BS7671. All our accreditations can be found below.

Our popular Battery Storage systems

Solar PV Installations are VAT free and the prices below reflect this.

Supply & Installation from


Supply & Installation from


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These packages give an idea of the size of system, what is included, and the starting installation cost. All systems are tailored to the needs of the home & we will create a bespoke system to suit your requirements and preferences.

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Firstly, get in contact with us via our contact us page, or by calling the office on 01454 619 542. We will initially take some details before one of our electricians will be in contact.

initial design

Following our engineers call, and obtaining further information, we will provide some initial designs, costings and various systems depending if you are after a complete Solar & Battery system or retrofitting batteries to your existing solar install.

on-site survey

If our initial design is of interest then we will visit your property. On this visit we will discuss proposed locations of the batteries (warning, they are not small!), inspect the existing electrics and then provide a fully detailed quotation.


Once we've had approval and materials have arrived, our electricians will arrive on the agreed install date. Our friendly team will carry out the installation to our high standards and fully walk you through your new battery system!

Complete Solar, Battery & EV Charger Installations

As a rule of thumb, when installing Battery storage alongside Solar PV, we have on average seen the self-consumption numbers go from around 35/40% to 75/80%, further reducing your energy bills. The higher the self-consumption percentage, the quicker the buy-back period for your installation. 

With some small life-style changes, then these self-consumption numbers can really increase. Such things as timing your dishwasher and washing machine to run in the day-time whilst the sun is out, or diverting your solar to heat up an immersion tank.

This allows you to use your battery storage to be used on such things as cooking in the evening, watching T.V instead of importing from the grid.

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A fairly new concept within the energy market is the idea of making profit from buying cheap electricity, storing this purchase electricity, and then selling it back to the grid during times of high-demand where you can sell it for more than you purchased.

The most beneficial use of your Solar & Battery system is always to self-consume your electricity, however, if you find that you have excess power in your battery in summer months for example, then set;ling back to the grid can increase your return in investment

Selling energy back to the grid is not a new concept, from the days of the Feed in Tariff, and the more recent Smart Export Guarantee. However, what is new, it the ability the ‘play’ the markets. Such tariffs as Octopus Agile will have a continually changing import & export price for electricity. The difference between these two prices is where you are able to join the market and  import during times of low demand, and export in times of high demand.

During summer, your batteries will often fully charge throughout the sunny day so you can use your self-generated electricity whilst you are at home throughout the evening. 

However, on days of low irradiance (cloudy days and winter), you can still make the most of your storage system. If you import the electricity throughout the early-hours of the morning (12:30am to 4:30am for example) at 7.5p/kWh to charge your battery to a set amount. When your home then begins to use electricity, instead of importing this electricity at a high daytime tariff, you can instead use the stored electricity you purchased at the low rate.

Some people really take this further by looking at forecasted weather the night before and deciding home much to ‘fill’ their batteries at the cheaper rate.

Another benefit of having battery storage installed alongside your solar PV system is the ability to still have power when you have power-loss to the building.

The batteries can act as an emergency power supply, where in grid failure, we can still supply power to the property.

The options for back-up power can be as simple and installing a socket outlet to run an extension lead from, or having a changeover switch for circuits deemed essential (usually Internet Routers for most people!).  

Approved installers of
SolarEdge Solis Fronius Huawei Soltaro GivEnergy Sonnen

We have our favourites and our recommendations but we are open to the whole of the market. 

Our Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Find some FAQ’s we’ve answered. Should you have further questions we will be more than happy to answer them.

A common misconception with installers is that bigger is always better! This is not always true. Sizing a system depends on a variation of factors.

We will always carry out a load profile for installations, deciding what your peak usage is, and during what times you are likely to use this – coupled with previous electricity bills we can get a really good idea on how much energy you use and size a system to fit.

Other factors to think of is the charge and discharge capacity of the inverter.

The ideal size of the battery lies between a battery to small where the cost of the system is more than the financial benefit from the stored power, and where the system is to big that is cannot be fully charged from solar except from a few extremely sunny days of the year!

Sometime we recommend to install a smaller system, see how you get on, then add additional batteries at a later date.

The battery systems are modular so adding additional storage is a simple task.

No! With new flexible and agile tariffs from Octopus, EDF, Bulb, e-On and so forth, you can fully charge your batteries as the off-peak rate, allowing you to power your home at rates less than 10p/kWh!

Yes, most battery systems are modular in design, allowing us to easily increase your storage capacity at a later date.

The throttling point of these systems are usually the rate that you are able to charge and discharge the batteries, meaning that even if you have more storage, you still can only use the electricity at the kW rating the inverter allows. Some people for this reason have multiple inverters, so you can power large loads, or fully charge more batteries during the cheap tariff periods.

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